Expert Doctors for Mole Removal, using Radio Frequency Technology.

At Ballingdon Hall Aesthetic Clinic we pride ourselves in using the most advanced technology in aesthetic treatments, this allows us to remove most moles leaving minimal, if any, scarring and without any pain.

Radio Frequency uses a very fine platinum wire, so thin, it’s as thin as your hair. A local anaesthetic is injected around and into the mole, so that the procedure is painless. The fine wire is brushed over the mole, vaporising it, it removes the pigment and coagulates the blood vessels, so you are left with a flat, sealed skin where the mole used to be. You will be given an antibiotic cream to apply to the area twice a day for a week. The skin will heal and return to its normal colour, in up to a month in most cases.

We can also use this procedure on skin tags and Red moles, or cherry angiomas, these are very common skin growths, that usually occur in later life, and they can develop on any areas of your body. Sometimes they are called senile angiomas, or Campbell de Morgan spots. They have a red appearance as they have small blood vessels inside them. These skin growths are not usually a cause for concern, unless they bleed, grow in size, change in shape, or colour.

Moles can vary in size from very small to large, they are usually any shade of brown, they can be raised or flat spots, they appear anywhere on the face or body.

Their colour comes from the cells they contain, these cells called melanocytes, melanocytes give the mole it’s pigmented appearance.

Most Moles are usually a cosmetic concern and not a cause for medical concern for most people, however, if there have been any changes in your mole, such  as changing colour, growing larger, having irregular borders or they have started to bleed,  it is exceptionally important to get it examined to determine whether it is cancerous and requires a specialist treatment.

After the doctor has assessed your mole, he will be able to advise you whether it can be removed. In most cases, and that is up to 95% of cases, we can remove your mole on the same day.

Costs from £295

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Sebaceous Cyst Removal 

Sebaceous Cysts grow slowly, they are benign bumps under the skin that is filled with sebum, usually similar in size and shape to a small pea, although they can gradually grow to several centimetres in size.

Cysts can occur almost anywhere on the face, neck, shoulders or body and genital area. Cysts can be uncomfortable, or sometimes embarrassing if they are visible on the face, forehead, neck or arms. They can become infected and form an abscess, which can be very painful and will require antibiotic treatment, they form when a sebaceous gland becomes blocked but continues to produce sebum developing into a cyst.

Skin Cyst Removal

The procedure to remove a cyst involves the elliptical excision of the skin above the cyst, removing the cyst in it’s entirety, reducing chances of it returning to almost zero. They are not contagious, we recommend early cyst removal to reduce the risk of infection.

All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes and you can return to your normal daily routine straight away, however stitches will need to be removed at 10 days.

The results are permanent, however if you are prone to developing cysts, more may develop in other areas over time. As with all our procedures we want to achieve minimal scarring.

Costs from £300-£700 depending on size.

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