Personal Wellness and Spiritual Enrichment

Personal Wellness and Spiritual Enrichment

Rebalance and Recharge

Join us at our transformative and immersive Personal Wellness and Spiritual Retreats to help you nurture an optimistic mindset to enable your life to flourish and take a positive path.

Our retreats are designed to enable you to nurture your unique spiritual journey and are ideal  if you are feeling low after the turbulence of the recent past, or are stressed, overwhelmed or exhausted.

We share the gifts of meditation, meditative walks, silence, nature, and being present in our hearts and life.

Our experienced team will help you bring awareness to habits that may be life limiting and develop practises for nurturing a healthy  mindset that will enable you to rebalance and recharge.

Led by Lee Whyberd – one of the UK’s foremost mediums and a raft of other therapists and practitioners who has worked with royal families and celebrities the world over along with other respected mediums like the late Colin Fry, Jayne Wallace and Derek Acorah, this one and two day programme of spiritual guidance, healing, meditation and yoga will release stress and improve physical and mental health.


  • Private consultations to identify your personal goals

  • Guided meditations, reflective practise and peer discussion in small groups

  • Learn how to recognise limiting habits, and manage issues of unhappiness, anxiety and doubt

  • You will learn practises of mindfulness that can be antidotes to unhealthy habits and explore ways of creating more clarity, stillness and equanimity in day-to-day life.

  • Yoga

The elements

  • Meditation
  • Psychic
  • Art
  • Grounding & Energy Protection
  • Psychometry
  • Shamanic Drumming Meditation
  • Discovering Past Lives
  • Shadow Work
  • Yoga
  • Ancestral Colour Healing
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Psychic Numbers
  • Clairvoyancy

The Benefits

  • Spiritual guidance to release negative emotions and improve physical and mental health
  • You will achieve more clarity, stillness and balance in your life
  • You will banish unwanted habits and transform your mind for greater wellbeing
  • You will be set you on a positive path

Dates and Availability

To book your place on this retreat, and find out dates or availability;
please email