Healing Your Past Lives – Storytelling from the Soul

Healing Your Past Lives – Storytelling from the Soul


Healing Past Lives is the opportunity to explore the many lives of the Soul. In getting to know our backstory we start to release and heal the unfinished business of times gone by. Maybe we were left standing at the altar vowing to never love again, now it seems impossible to create or find the lasting relationship we so desperately desire. Maybe we were persecuted for standing out from the crowd, and now in this life we never shine our light too brightly for fear of a past history repeating itself.


Dates and Availability  

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The goal of this experiential workshop is to give you a sense of freedom to make choices based on your life today and not a reaction from the past. This style of past life therapy requires that you only need to be able to imagine, you don’t even need to close your eyes if you don’t want to. Another benefit of this work is that it can give you access to previous long forgotten gifts and talents too. If you like stories, you’ll love past-life therapy which I describe as “storytelling from the Soul”


What’s Included

  • Two full days of learning and discovery
  • One night stay
  • Full Board


£500 per person

To book, please email Matt@ballingdonhall.co.uk