Tear Trough Filler

Tear Trough Filler

Everything you need to know about tear trough fillers

The tear trough describes the deep crease between the upper cheek and lower eyelid. It can cast a shadow below your eyes which results in a tired appearance and can make you appear older.

They tend to become more prominent with age when facial tissues lose volume although genetics also play a role. The goal of a tear trough filler is to reduce the depth of a tear trough and make the skin look fuller and tighter.

What is a tear trough filler?

A tear trough filler is an injectable treatment that’s used under the eyes in order to add volume beneath the eyelids. Most products used in this area are made of hyaluronic acid, a gel-like substance that the body naturally produces.

Who is a good candidate?

If you have mild to moderate sagging under the eyes, complemented with healthy, thick skin and are physically healthy then you might be an ideal candidate for tear trough fillers. Conversely, those with thin skin, excess skin beneath the eyes or very deep tear troughs may not be suitable for the treatment.

Those with fat bulging under their eyes, an active skin infection in the area or a medical condition that increases the risk of complications may also be best avoiding tear trough fillers.

Are tear trough fillers safe?

Tear trough fillers are less invasive than fat grafting and fat repositioning. The effects last for about 9-12 months and can be repeated as required to maintain long-term results.

Sometimes tear trough fillers are used with other procedures such as anti wrinkle injections and laser resurfacing.

How does it work?

Before receiving tear trough fillers, a trained medical professional will assess your face and check the texture and thickness of your skin. This will help them determine if the procedure is appropriate for you and if it is, what type of dermal filler is best for your needs.

A topical anaesthetic may be applied to the area before the syringe containing the filler is prepared and injected into the skin beneath the lower eyelid. Then the area is lightly massaged to spread the filler.

What does aftercare look like?

Occasionally there can be some bruising, swelling and redness for 48 to 72 hours, patients can go home once the procedure is done. The area under the eyelids will look fuller right away although it may take up to 2 weeks to see the full results.

Post-treatment instructions are to avoid intense activity for up to 2 days, applying ice packs during the first 48 hours can help if you get swelling, and avoid sleeping face down.

Costs From £650

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