Lip Filler

Lip Filler

Considering lip fillers? Here’s what you need to know

As we age our lips tend to get thinner. This is due to daily facial contractions while eating, smiling and laughing and in some cases smoking. The body’s capability to produce collagen starts to diminish as we age.

The most common method of lip augmentation is an injectable dermal filler. The most common fillers today are products that contain hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance found inside the body.

These fillers can add shape, structure and volume to the lips with effects that typically last around six months. After that, more injections are needed to keep the volume of your lips the same.

The benefits of lip fillers

Once injected, the gel in the filler supports and shapes the tissues of the lips. The practitioner has complete control over how much lip volume is created. Also, injections can be given gradually during different appointments until the desired results are achieved.

What to expect

Lip fillers can be injected quickly with little to no downtime. Before the injections, a topical or local numbing agent may be applied to ease discomfort. Then a very fine cannula is used to inject the filler into your lips.

Following injection, ice may be given to ease discomfort and control swelling but no firm pressure should be put on the treatment area. Results should be immediate and your lips will feel natural once they have healed.

Who is a good candidate?

Lip fillers are for people who truly want to modify their appearance. Aside from being in good health and being a non-smoker, your practitioner will want to ensure there isn’t any diabetes, blood-clotting problems or any active infection.

it’s also best to avoid alcohol or caffeine 24 hours before and after your appointment, as this will help reduce swelling.

Costs from £350

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