Injectables: Ellanse is a collagen stimulating injectable made from Poly L Lactic Acid. It works beneath the surface of the skin to naturally stimulate and boost collagen to plump and put the spring back into ageing hands.

First, a local anaesthetic is applied to the backs of the hands. Then, around 20 micro- injections are carefully injected between the bone, tendons and veins. Volume is instantly restored, prominent veins disappear and hands look plump and years younger. The results will also carry on improving over the following weeks as new collagen is formed.  Depending on which Ellanse option is used, results can also last up to four years; The treatment is suitable for all skin types.

Fat Transfer:  Changes in hormone levels can cause the skin on the hands to become much thinner, making veins more visible. To disguise very prominent veins, fat can be extracted by a liposuction method, from your tummy, hips or knees, treated and then injected into the backs of the hands. This will instantly camouflage veins making hands look years younger, Performed using a local anesthetic, results can last up to five to eight years but a top up may be needed after three to four months once the fat has settled.

Peels: Less expensive than laser treatments and suitable for all skin types – a TCA peel   will basically make your skin act young again. It will also remove dull surface cells, improve wrinkles and fine lines, as well as help fade any discolouration. Even better, peels are quick, pain-free, and there are no needles involved.  First hands are cleansed then the peel liquid, the strength will be adapted to suit your skin type, is brushed over the backs of the hands and left for a few moments. This causes the top layer of skin to shed, triggering the living cells below to multiply and move up to the surface, in turn increasing collagen and hyaluronic production. One to three treatments a month apart recommended for brighter, baby soft hands.

Light Therapy: A course of IPL using the latest system, Lumecca, can zap age spots and improve skin tone. During the treatment, an intense pulsed light is aimed at the skin on the backs of the hands and these flashes of light are absorbed by red or brown pigment in the skin, which is then absorbed by the body. The light therapy also releases energy into the skin which then stimulates regeneration of the cells, and boosts collagen, You’ll see instant results after one treatment but for longer lasting results a course of three to six treatments, spaced at least ten days apart is recommended.

Vampire Lift: Similar to the Vampire facial, this 60-minute treatment has been adapted especially for the hands. First blood is taken from the arm, which is then spun in a centrifuge to separate out the platelets. These are then injected into the backs of the hands to stimulate the regeneration of skin cells and new collagen. Using your own blood is a safe, completely natural treatment and is highly effective at rejuvenating tired, dull looking skin The treatment will improve skin tone, soften lines and wrinkles, plus boost collagen so hands look younger. A course of three monthly treatments will keep hands looking eternally young.

Self Help Treatments

*Wear sun protection on the back of the hands every day, even during winter to prevent age spots and wrinkles. Those ageing UVA rays can also penetrate glass as you’re driving

*Don’t wash your hands in very hot or cold water, as you will damage the skin. Try and ensure water is lukewarm and use a milder soap that contains nourishing and moisturising oils to cleanse the skin. Always rub in hand cream for at least a few minutes after washing hand and before bedtime.

*Wear protective gloves when doing housework or in the garden and give yourself a hand facial once a week. Products that you use on your face are just as good for your hands, so exfoliate and then use a plumping mask.

*Give your hands a mini-workout daily to boost blood flow and circulation in hands:

  1. Place the thumb of one hand on the opposite palm with your nail pointing towards your little finger
  2. Work up from the heel of your hand up and over the top of your little finger using tiny movements applying light pressure with the top of your thumb. Repeat with medium pressure and then again using strong pressure
  3. Turn hand over and using the same thumb movement work from the base of the nail down to and over wrist.
  4. Repeat whole sequence four times, and then repeat on other hand.

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